How to Be More Abundant

What does ‘abundance’ mean to you?

Is it having an abundance of…..

  • Money
  • Time
  • Friends
  • Health
  • Clients
  • All of the above?

The Law of Attraction clearly states that to bring in more money, one needs to already feel abundant. But most people who hear this may think that means you need to feel wealthy, but what if you aren’t? Some people say to “fake it until you make it”. And sometimes that works, but it usually doesn’t. It’s a bit hard to feel abundant when you feel like you can’t afford to do or buy stuff that you want.

I think it’s hard to pretend, and I don’t recommend it. But then what do you do, because the more you focus on the lack of having money the more that energy is drawn to you, and unfortunately you will experience more lack of money. UGH!.

So what’s a person to do?

How do you feel abundant when you are having money struggles?

What I recommend is to look for other ways to feel abundant, like the other things in the list above.

flowers-abundant words copy reposted 1-16-16
Is there something else you feel abundant about, that isn’t about money?

Do you have lots of good friends, good health, or a strong faith that sustains you? There’s almost always something in your life to feel abundant about. And like the affirmation says, its great to look every day for new opportunities to feel abundant.

If you keep your focus on other things that make you feel abundant, and you stop putting focus on the lack, like worrying that you don’t have any clients, then you will be surprised at how more clients and money will start coming in.

However, when I say “don’t focus on your lack of money and clients”, I don’t mean putting your head in the sand, and letting bills pile up, or spending more than you have.

That’s because deep down that just makes you feel worse.

It’s better to honor the money you do have, give it respect and just like how a person who feels honored and respected by you will want to be around you more, well so will money.

Your potential clients will also feel that change in the energy and focus that you have. And, if you are appreciating and feeling abundant in other ways, that makes you more attractive for both people and money to want to be around you.

It really is a shift in mindset, and if you find that you’re trying to change your focus, but your mind is still stuck in old patters of lack and worry, you don’t have to get frustrated, there are some great tools to help change your mindset and focus.

This is an area that I am really good at since I have had to overcome my earlier years of negative thinking and worrying. I have found some absolutely great tools for changing your mindset, and drawing to you more clients and money.

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